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Camp Z is a family oriented outdoor exploration series based in the PNW.

We'll be casting lines, catching crawdads, rock hounding, making big leaf maple syrup,

a bit of hunting and a lot of the outdoors

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My family has been capturing the outdoors on film for 4 generations now. Starting with my grandpa Phil Zoller on his super 8 and 16mm cameras. That tradition seems to be staying alive. My 9 year old son was watching me edit an episode of Alaskan Waters and asked if we could start our own outdoor channel. After a bit of prayer and thinking it over, Camp Z came to be.

Camp Z will be rich with fishing adventures but will also dive into a number of other outdoor family pursuits. Some of those episodes will include big game hunts that were filmed over the last 10+ years such as, archery elk, big horn sheep, and one of the last big elk hunting trips my Grandpa went on before he passed away.
This channel is fresh and new and empty, other than a couple videos from some years back, but between the adventures we already have on film and the trips being planned - Camp Z is going to be so much fun. 


If you are interested in brand collaboration or sponsoring Camp Z please reach out via 

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